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Where Indiana's Elite  Meet to Compete! Indiana Elite North vs. South is an all-state, open nomination, Indiana approved non-for-profit organization that gives high school athletes the opportunity to showcase their talents.

We involve high schools from all across the state of Indiana, large and small. We stay updated and informed with the constant changes that surround Indiana high school soccer (boys and girls), basketball (boys and girls), baseball, softball, volleyball and golf (boys and girls).

Our events are programmed with a great amount of input and feedback from head coaches from every corner of the state. College coaches from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Ohio are invited to every showcase.

Who We Are

Indiana Elite North vs. South is committed to providing our athletes with a competitive and positive experience as they partake in the Indiana Elite North vs. South Challenges! Our values, ethics, and dedication ensure the best possible experience for every athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indiana Elite North vs. South is a non-for profit organization registered with the state of Indiana. We organize post-season high school invitationals. We work with high school athletic directors and high school coaches to involve their athletes. Selections are made by our staff based on stats provided on many mainstream high school stat websites, coach nomination, and recommendation.
We follow all rules and regulations set forth by:
  • NFHS
  • NCAA
  • NAIA
A certified statistician keeps an official book for all events. This proves helpful as we share this information with many college coaches after the event has taken place.
  • Quality Jersey
  • Letterman Jacket Patch
  • Event Plaque
  • Event Drawstring Bag
  • 8x11 two team Photo
All monies go toward the athletes and the organization to produce the event(s).
We have a full time Sports Information Director that connects with all college coaches in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. We touch base with these colleges BEFORE and AFTER all events. Many high school athletes have received the chance to play collegiate sports with all of the work we have done after the events. We do see a healthy amount of college coaches attending our events. Coaches that are unable to attend also reach out to us with interest in athletes that have participated in the events. Very few post-season high school showcases/invitationals have this system in place.
All referees, officials, and umpires are IHSAA licensed with experience in post-season events.
The Indiana Elite North vs. South President, Sports Information Director, Chief Operating Officer, Board Members (7), and Game Day Staff are all NFHS certified in the following courses:
  • Concussion in Sports
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • Coaching Unified Sports
  • Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment
  • Engaging Effectively with Parents
  • NCAA Eligibility
  • Sportsmanship